Dance Bocanegra Universal



Bocanegra Universal was founded in 1999 and is dedicated to teaching dance. Our philosophy is thought and designed so that all our students learn with a personalised method and adapting to their needs. We offer classes for students of all levels and ages.

Our way of making the experience of dancing special in each class has led us to be in more than ten cities around the world.

Over the years, we have created a magical company, where the dreams of all our students have come true.

Our company wants all our students to enjoy a unique and different atmosphere and have a goal to learn to dance, so we organize private parties and participate in events in several countries around the world.

All our teachers are professional dancers, who have obtained for more than twenty years the strictest training and have learned with the most important teachers in the world. They have competed at the highest level on the dance floors of  Europe, America and Asia.


The dances we teach are:
Ballroom Dances: Slow Waltz, Tango, Viennese Waltz, SlowFoxtrot and Quickstep.
Latin Dances: Chachacha, Samba, Rumba, Pasodoble and Jive.
Caribbean Dances: Salsa and Bachata.


Private classes are classes where the teacher works only with the students in order to learn and acquire the knowledge. The teacher focuses all his attention on the student so that he enjoys and learns in the most effective way.

There are two types of private classes:

In couples, these are private classes where the teacher teaches two people, who want to learn or improve one or more dances. The student who learns as a couple, acquires a sufficient level to be able to dance at our events and parties.

Professional-Amateur (Pro-Am), is a modality for those who do not have a partner or for those whose partners cannot attend our classes. The student will dance and learn with a professional dancer who is certified by our school, so that the student can enjoy the best conditions and thus be able to realize the dream of dancing with the best dancers. You will have the option to compete in national and international exhibitions or competitions, together with your private teacher.


They are a good option to learn the technique and style of the dances, besides you will be able to share the illusion of the dance, with other colleagues.


These are personalised classes where students can choose all the details to create a show for a special day, weddings, anniversaries or private parties at your home.


Private Dance Parties, are parties for our students, where they can enjoy a unique atmosphere.

They are held in luxurious hotels all over the world and our teachers accompany their students to dinners surrounded by magic and glamour. There, everything starts to dress up in dance and colour. Students who wish to do so, show off what they have learnt in our courses and can dress up in unique dance dresses and fulfil their dream of being dancers for a day.


Dance Shows are shows by professional dancers for individuals or companies looking for exclusivity and originality in their events.

The professional dancers perform five or more dances during the event, with costume changes, creating a unique and unrepeatable show.


The flexibility, strength and endurance you gain from dancing keep your body free from injury.

Dancing is a social activity, which provides many opportunities to interact with other people. Attending dance classes can improve interpersonal relationships, as it is a meeting point for making friends and improving the development of social skills.

It helps the mind to de-centre itself from the problems and worries that flood it during the day, making it easier to stop thinking negatively, and thus reducing states of tension and stress, obtaining feelings of wellbeing.

Contact with us and start dancing!

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