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We are an art & lifestyle company that operates all over the world, since 1993 we have been backed by more than 150 clients around the world. We have created exclusive and luxury services for powerful people with a high demand, satisfying their needs 24 hours a day.

Our discretion and elegance have been the two most important values of our career, maintaining a respect for the private lives of all our famous clients.

Our advisors will be happy to offer you a concierge service with a unique value, to make your time the most universal art in the world.

To obtain productivity and peace of mind in specific situations, we offer all the services on demand that our clients request. To organize events, private driver, shopping, reservations for restaurants, hotels and concerts, even organize household chores and more, our consultants are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 


Enter this link to see all the concierge and luxury services we offer in Ibiza.

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